Jumat, 24 September 2010

Job Info (Pizza Hut)

Urgently required employee/employees with requirement:

  1. Maxsimum age 22 years.
  2. Men's height at least 165 cm
  3. Women's height at least 157 cm
  4. Attractive, energetic and cherful
  5. Ideal in weight
Brought the application directly to all branch in Jabotabek

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My Jupiter World mengatakan...

Welcome to follow my blog and twitter(if u hv),exchange link or banner as well ^^ i'll do the same in return, thanks ^^

Try 'Flick' mengatakan...

silakan sob... :)
ane siap untuk bertukar link... :D

Ivanna mengatakan...

hi! thanks x your visit,have anice w.e!!

Michael mengatakan...

hey, thanks for the visit. sure, we can exchange link... let me know as soon as i have my link here and i will promptly do the same

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BlackRose mengatakan...

owh..ini blog barunya ya :)
ok..aku udah masukin link kamu di sini http://blackrosefan.blogspot.com/2008/10/exchange-link.html

BTW..nice blog..
tp jgn lupa masukin chatboxnya dong..
biar gampang chatting ;) hehehe

Senangbertemudengananda mengatakan...

halo, salam kenal

tukeran link yook..

aku uda follow blognya, jangan lupa follow balik yaak


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